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About  Our Journal

What is AU-eJIR Open?

Assumption University gives all authors the option of making their articles freely available to everyone, immediately on publication. This new service reflects Assumption University commitment to further the cause of open access to high quality reaserch and academic papers .

I want to submit an article to AU-eJIR. How do I go about it?

After checking for the format and other requirements, please finalize your paper and email it to- ejir@au.edu. In the subject area simply type My Paper For eJIR.  Do not forget to attach your full paper in the email.

What is the file format of the paper?

Only papers written in Microsoft Word will be accepted for considerations. Please make sure that your paper is written using Microsoft Office 2007 or an updated version. All other details about paper format are provided on the journal website. Please download the format document and follow the guidelines.

What is the maximum length of the paper?

Minimum length is 6 pages which include charts, diagrams and figures.

Is there any fee or charge for publishing in eJIR?

There is no fee. Accepted papers will be published online without any charge. Howevr, we limit the number of papers to 10-15. We select them based on their overall quality.

What is the impact factor (EF) for eJIR?

Impact Factor (IF) is built over time. This journal is new. However, this journal is indexed in all major databases subscribed by Assumption University of Thailand. It is also recorded in the Thai Ministry of Education.

I submitted an article to AU-eJIR  a while ago and have not heard anything. Can you tell me whether it is still being considered?

The process of publication of papers for EJIR will occur in 3 phases. In the 1st phase you will submit your paper and you will receive an immediate automatic reply of receipt of our paper. In the 2nd phase you will receive “Acceptance / Rejection Letter” from eJIR along with comments from our reviewer. This phase will be completed after 3 weeks of your submission. If your paper is accepted, you will receive feedback or comments to modify your paper. You will send the Final Version of your paper as per the deadline given to you. The 3rd phase will begin after the closing date of “Call for Papers.” After the closing date your paper will be published within 2 weeks and you will receive an email from the Managing Editor. So expect a timely series of emails from eJIR. You will also be able to check the status of your  paper online at the eJIR website.

My article has been accepted for publication by AU-eJIR but hasn’t been published yet and I urgently need to cite and share it with others. Can you give me the volume/issue/page number details?

All accepted academic/ reaserch papers and posters will be published on the date announced on the journal website- http://www.ejir.au.edu/

I have had an article published in a AU-eJIR . Can I offer it (or an updated version of it) for publication in another journal, forthcoming book or website?

No, you can’t publish the same article or slightly updated version in another journal. But your article can be a part of book or eBook, for which you as a writer will be fully responsible for meeting the legal copyright laws, issues and obligations of your state or the country. For the purposes of publication in eJIR you will be sent a Copyright Declration Form (CDF). You will read and sign and send a copy of CDF  to us before we publish your paper. Above all, Assumption University will not be liable for any copyright violations committed by the author/s.

I am having problems printing or downloading my PDF file. Any suggestions?

You first save the file on your desktop. Then open the saved PDF file and then go to File menu and choose Print from the drop-down menu of Adobe Acrobat Reader/ App.

How do I create a link directly to my article either from my own website or my department’s website?

Double click on your articles on the journal website. Your article will open in a new browser window. Copy the URL from the top. Then go to your own website or your department’s website and paste the URL in the desired place. That will be all.

About  Our Conference in Bangkok

Do you conduct any conference to present the papers selected for publication in your journal?

Yes, depending on the number of paper received we will definitely consider holding a conference at our university in Bangkok, Thailand. As and when we decide to organize a conference, the details will be posted on our journal website. Authors will also be notified separately about the conference.

Do I need to present my paper in a conference to get it published in this journal?

No, you do not need to present your paper in our or any other conference to get it published in our journal.

Is there any fee or charges to attend your conference in Bangkok, Thailand?

Yes, there will be a nominal fee to cover the cost of proceedings.  All other major expenses, such as travel,  lodging and boarding will be met by the participants or their sponsors.

Do I need a VISA to travel to Thailand to attend your conference?

Travelers from most countries are provided a hassle-free VISA on arrival at Thai airports. You are required to fill up an application on arrival and pay the VISA fee. To save time, please do carry your passport size pictures and local currency to expedite granting of VISA on arrival. Details about VISA eligibility for citizens of various countries are available on Thai Embassy website in your country. Please check your local Thai Embassy website for VISA requirements before you embark on your travel to Thailand.

Any other Question? Send your query to:  ejir@au.edu

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